Earn a good living


I’ve been doing this for a long time.

People like us make a living with our hands and our backs. I’d be the first to tell you we don’t get enough respect for how hard our jobs are or the time and effort that it costs our bodies to become expert craftsman. The people that need pay for the work never know what it’s like to have an aching back from a long weeks work. But come Monday, we get back at it and make a living for our families and those we care about.

But there is something that comes from all those long days – the trial and error – the mistakes and problems. All that experience made you great at what you do and you don’t need someone baby sitting you or looking over your shoulder. You show up on time for work and take pride in a hard day.

If you got this far in reading this – then you likely are a good candidate to join the roster. I hate words like team and all the rah rah stuff. I’ve been around the block far too many times to buy into hype and I won’t ask you to either. Every person that works with us is a partner – and I’d never insult you with asking you to work hard for me with no reward. I see each day as we are in this together and you have my back – I have yours.

As the company head – my job is to make sure we make enough money to keep us all working and live a good life. I don’t drive a 100k truck – that’s a waste of money. I still appreciate a Friday beer after work and my back hurts from all all that I did that week. Just like you.

What I’m Looking For…

The company is growing fast. The referral rate is multiplying and I don’t even really have to advertise any more to get more business. Clients love my work and they tell their friends.

I am looking for expert craftsman who are exceptional at their craft. I want people who have control of their lives – are reliable and are the type of people that if I send you to a client’s home – you represent not just me and my integrity – but your own.

If you want to work for a company that pays on time – actually cares about you and your life – and is someone you can built a future with then you might have just found the right place to work for.