Edmonton and Surrounding Area

Fire Restoration Company

A house fire can be a devastating experience. Repairing the damage requires expertise, skill and experience. A fire in a residential property can create a chain reaction of problems – from water damage caused by the fire department to the heat and smoke damaging electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC and a wide range of other issues that have to be taken into account.

Our focus as an Edmonton Fire Restoration Company in working with our home owners that have impacted by a house fire is a multi facetted approach to ensuring that the renovation is done right and that above all else, is safe to live in again.

Having someone on your side that understands the restoration process is the first step to getting your home back to normal. You need someone who knows how to get the smell out of your walls and can fix everything the fire damaged as quickly as possible.

Our fire restoration team includes a retired district Fire Chief for the city of Edmonton with more than 30 years experience in understanding how fire impacts a structure – while our experience in renovations and construction ensures that your house gets back to pristine condition.