Edmonton and Surrounding Area

Drywalling Company

From repairs to renovations and new space drywalling – we can provide exceptional value with guaranteed results. As a full service residential and commercial renovation company, we’re small enough to provide direct hands on service, while experienced enough to ensure that the job is done right.

Drywalling and all of it’s components is an unforgiving art form that requires skill, patience and experience. From hanging the board, to taping and mudding and the final sanding, myself and my assistant will ensure a superior end product.


From large scale drywalling contracts to hole repairs and everything in between, we can handle your project. We specialize in residential renovations including basement renos and development.

Services We Provide
Board Hanging
Sanding / Finishing
Mold Removal
Flood and Disaster Recovery
Firewall Installation
Insulation Services / Upgrading
Ceiling Texturing / scraping.


Myself and my assistant have a combined 50 years experience working with drywalling projects of all types. As a full service renovation and construction company, we can provide you a one stop provider for your entire project.


My father was a perfectionist – always pounded into my head that doing the job right the first time was far quicker than having to come back and fix it a second time. My grand father was a WW2 vet and a carpenter all his life – between the two of them I was taught from the time I was 10 years old the importance of quality workmanship and literally every cut I make I feel like they are both looking over my shoulder judging my work.  

It’s this attitude that allows me to assure my clients that the results I provide are always going to be of the highest caliber while always striving to deliver the best value possible for your budget.