It’s a Wonderful Life…


I’m old school. I’m traditional and I come from a long line of men that were not just expert craftsmen, but stand up people that you could count on. My grandfather volunteered as a soldier in WW2, and was a tradesman and carpenter all his life. He taught me far more than how to swing a hammer or cut a straight line. My father was one of those men that just seemed to know how to do everything and ensured he passed the knowledge on to me. At age 7 he bought me a Craftsman Jigsaw for my birthday much to my mother’s horror and I’ve been building things ever since. God rest both their souls as they were fine men that made the world a better place and taught me to be a good man.

After nearly 40 plus years of working with tools and my hands – every so often I step back any look at my work and go damn, you’ve gotten good at this. There is something to be said for experience – but also patience and experience that comes with getting older. Like a grandmother that is such an amazing cook – it comes from experience and trial and error – with a hefty dash of caring.

I grew up in Edmonton, born and raised and it’s my home – always will be. I have wonderful friends – a great family and do my best to always do the right thing. Integrity, pride of craftsmanship, manners, empathy, friendly, professional are all words that describe me.

When it comes to my clients – I treat their homes like they are my own. I carry dog treats in my truck to make friends with the dog ( a barking dog on a three week renovation is hard on everyone ) . I take my shoes off at the door – follow the Covid rules and do every job like my Grandfather and Father are going to inspect it for flaws. Because back when they were around they did inspect everything and were my toughest critics.

When you’re looking to hire someone to do your next project – I’d sincerely appreciate the opportunity to provide you a quote. My company is about doing things right – providing a good living for myself and my staff while delivering exceptional results for every client that hires us on.

Even if you’re just looking for advice – don’t be afraid to message or call me as I’m always glad to help.